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Envisionware PC Reservation


Whether you need to manage the cost of printing on a single PC in one branch or control all aspects of your public resources from your desk in an enterprise environment, EnvisionWare uniquely provides the right solutions.

Commitment to Customer Choice

CCP Solutions chose Envisionware in addition to Pcounter because of Envisionware’s powerful and flexible PC Reservation module as well as their well known LPT:One pay for print solution.  Envisionware offers several very powerful and unique advantages that Pcounter is not able to address and so we believe the best approach is topick and choose from both the best features that will meet your libraries unique requirements.

CCP understands that every library is unique and that some of our customers might already have a component for print management or desktop protection. We respect your right to have options and your right to choose the individual modules that make up the solution you desire. Many libraries have purchased PC Reservation to integrate with an existing legacy print management solution or vice versa. Often these print systems have been provided by a local dealer like CCP Solutions in conjunction with printers and photocopiers. While we can and do provide the best print management solution in the industry, we’re not going to make you pay for a module that you don’t need or can’t afford at the moment. Should you decide to migrate later, we make it easy to add modules enabling additional required features with a license download. We’re so flexible that we actually provide integration features so that you can link LPT:One to a legacy time/reservation system. Later when you have the funds, your lease expires, or some other compelling reason to upgrade occurs, you can install and enable the rest of our complete Suite to provide even more seamless integration.

Because EnvisionWare solutions are modular, CCP can provide very flexible options for libraries on limited budgets. Please ask for more information on our no cost vend solutions where CCP puts up the hardware, software and support and your library receives a part of the revenue generated from print, copy and scan sales.

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