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CCP Presents a revolutionary new platform to manage your student printing

Through Papercut we manage all student print, copy, scan & fax services so that you can do more with less, while making a positive envioronmental impact and significantly lowering your costs.


Papercut is a very exciting solution for libraries and institutions alike. Here are some videos to help visually demonstrate some of Papercut’s dynamic features and it’s ease of use.

video PaperCut iOS Printing Demonstration
A point of view demonstration of the interface and functionality of the PaperCut Printing App for iOS.
video Student Print Workflow with PaperCut
This screencast covers the average print workflow of a student in an education environment.
video Supporting BYOD Student Wifi Printing
This screencast covers the average print workflow of a student in an education environment.
video Staff Experience with PaperCut in Education
This screencast covers the typical workflow of staff printing in an education environment.
video PaperCut Mobile Print Release Application
A point of view demonstration of the interface and functionality of the PaperCut Mobile Print Release.
video PaperCut CPad Terminal Tour
Interface and functionality of The PaperCut & Cartadis CPad print management solution.

CCP Connects Customers to a Global Standard for Sustainability

CCP Solutions has partnered with PrintReleaf
to integrate with your company's print software and measure paper consumption in realtime. Automatically offset your paper consumption through reforestation projects across the planet.

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How does Papercut work?

PaperCut MF is a comprehensive print and copy management application which can charge, track, and monitor your organization's use of print and copy resources. Use of the PaperCut system encourages responsible use of these resources throughout your organization, leading to a reduction in your IT expenditure. PaperCut MF runs at the server level, as well as directly on your (supported) MFD devices to intercept print and copy jobs, calculate costs as pre-determined by the administrator, and deduct it from a cost account associated with the user. IT administrators can schedule credit allocations for specific intervals, or use PaperCut MF’s Top Up or Pre-Paid Card tool to support user-pays printing. You can also implement hardware reload stations to manage self-serve user payments and top ups, and roll out follow-me and secure printing using card authentication.



Bold Features For Edu Facilities


Track all printing in a network environment and keep detailed print logs for user activity.


Web Print enables printing from mobile devices without the overhead of printer drivers.


Access overall printing volumes, volume by printer, department, user and more.


Control and restrict users to sensible use by allocating a quota / allowance / budget.


Save Paper, Save the Planet

Climate change and pollution are major issues that concern all countries across the globe. At present, it is imperative that more environmentally conscious practices are incorporated into everyday routines. One example that many people can relate to is saving paper.

One of the primary aims of PaperCut is to reduce printing levels by changing a user's printing behavior. Implementing monitoring, quotas and charging are a good way of drawing a user's attention to their printing habits. See a few examples of the Environmental Impact counters to the right.


Featured Success Story

CCP Solutions Introduces Papercut Software to Rockland Community
"Papercut is well-received by our students, and printing here in the library has been quite active!"
- Library Director Sarah Levy.


Students can now print in the library from 2 locations, providing greater flexibility and convenience, and have much more versatility in terms of the devices they can print from. In fact, they can print from home computers, wireless laptops, tablets, and even smartphones. Along with the added convenience for students, the college is saving money as well, since there is no longer a need to purchase toner and paper for the printers.

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