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BulletScan Desktop Scanners

CCP chose to represent iVina’s S300 and S400 Bulletscan Scanners because of their excellent pricing and the wonderfully innovative technology behind all of their products.

In the Spring of 2010 Business Equipment Research and Technology Lab (BERTL) awarded iVina with its prestigious “BERTL’s BEST Innovation Award in Scanning Technology” for the BulletScan S300 and S400. BERTL’s Best Innovation Awards recognize and promote new technology that, in its expert opinion, is likely to help shape the way the market will look in a year or two.

“CCP is proud to offer our customers products that promote innovation, ease of use, and true productivity value. For the first time, BulletScan end users can scan documents into Google Docs in a single click and share the information instantly with their customers, vendors and associates. Google claims that a small business of 10 employees can reduce their IT costs by 90% when deploying Google Apps.”

The BERTL’s BEST Innovation Award for Scanning Technology cited the BulletScan S300 and S400 in the following areas:

BERTL also rated the BulletScan S300 and S400 at 5-Stars each, and the BulletScan F600 at 4.5 stars . BERTL’s prestigious Five Star, Exceptional rating is reserved exclusively for devices that deliver an outstanding range of business-critical features/functions, are innovative, easy to use, well-designed and represent exceptional value for the money for their target user base. BERTL’s highly prestigious 4.5, Outstanding rating is strictly reserved for devices that deliver a range of business-critical features/functions that are above average and provide potential buyers with a good return on investment (ROI).

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