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Valencia College Evaluates CCP Scanning Solutions

By on April 17th


Valencia College, Osceola Campus Library began the evaluation of a CCP book scanning solution after viewing a live web demonstration in late January. According to Jorge Soto, Manager of Learning Support Technologies, the library wanted a scanner that would provide an alternative to photocopy machines and be easy enough for patrons to use unassisted. Reference Librarian, Sarah Dockery, testifies that the book scan solution responds to their needs.  See this link for her comments:—Osceola-Campus-Library

During the evaluation period, students, faculty and staff have the opportunity of testing the unit and its features for free. Anonymous survey cards are collected to record the comments and concerns of those using the equipment. The overall experience of using the scanner is rated on a scale of 1 to 10 (1= Not Satisfied; 10= Very Satisfied). Of the 30 cards received from their users thus far, 27 users rated the book scanning solution a “10”, 1 gave it a “9” and 2 users rated their experience an “8”.

“I like the touch screen.” says Marcie Rhoads, Library Specialist, “It’s very easy to use.”

Other users of the scanner also let us know their thoughts of the new scanning solution:

“I love the book scanner. The touch screen feature plus the speed of the program makes it an EXCELLENT source.”

”Love it! It’s very helpful. Thanks!”

“ It works really fast! I love that I can save as PDF and Word file. Awesome Machine!”

“It was really easy to use. It worked well because it allowed me to email my scanned document to my professor.”

“Keep it here!”

“Thank you for having this.”

“It makes it easier and convenient to place documents on a USB drive rather than carrying a book around. It’s fast too.”

Now that the Scannx Book ScanCenter has released the new Scan to Smart Phone/Tablet features, the Library looks forward to receiving CCP’s newest scanning solution in the fall. Like many schools evaluating the Scannx Book ScanCenter, the students and staff of Valencia’s Osceola Campus agree that the Book ScanCenter is a solution needed within their learning environment.

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